Freight Forwarding - Air / Land/ Sea

We offer Logistics Services to and from Panama. We have developed key partnerships with Transport Providers which allows us to minimize your shipping costs and build a solid foundation for fast & reliable freight forwarding services. Air, Sea, and Land transport solutions is what we do. Contact us today.


Warehousing - Albrook & Colon Free Trade Zones

ADS has a competitive advantage over other Logistics providers. We Import and Export out of our own warehouse in the exclusive Duty-Free Zone in Albrook, Panama City and Colon on the Atlantic/Carribbean side. We customs clear your goods at our warehouse which allows us to lower your shipping costs and efficiently control and move product through the pipeline. Contact us today.


Door to Door Services

ADS works around the clock to ensure your shipments are on-time and delivered safely. Our Door to Door service is reliable and cost effective. We work diligently to set real expectations with our customers and affordable shipping prices. Our team at the Warehouse is available 24hrs a day via phone or email to answer your questions and provide the visibility you need to ensure you are satisfied always with ADS Logistics. Contact us today.


Value Added Logistics

Contact us today. We offer complete Logistics services so you get good rates to move your products. Try our value added services such as invoicing, re-export, re-packaging, and customized Warehousing.

2.50/lb Air Courier Service from MIA to PTY.

Our exclusive Air Courier Service from MIA to PTY is designed to save you money. At only 2.50/lb its economical with daily flights to Panama City. We provide you with a free PO Box in MIA, our new tracking software on our page so your online purchases such as Amazon and other shippers get to Panama faster and cheaper.

We also deliver to your door for an additional cost, please contact us today for more information.



Please contact us and allow us to demonstrate our superior logistics knowledge and services. We aim to satisfy so you will not be disappointed.